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Bringing all your favorite restaurants to your breakroom

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buffet for offices

We take care of food, so you don't have to.

We bring restaurant catering straight into your office with the help of automation, without the need for a kitchen or any other space requirements. Enjoy all your favorite local and chain restaurants while we handle everything.

We help provide a diverse set of food options from buffet-style to grab-and-go so that your space has food options for everyone available at all times of the day.

How it works

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smart fridge

A.I. fridges serving meals from all your favorite restaurants 24/7.

Upgrade any break room with round-the-clock access to restaurant food. Employees just pay and grab the meal they'd like, heating it up in the comfort of their own office.

Smart technology enables us to charge users for exactly what they take, and monitor consumer preferences to curate the restaurant selection to your specific office.

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smart fridge
Cafeteria for Corporate Campuses serving local restaurantsCafeteria for Corporate Campuses serving local restaurants

A curated pop-up buffet of new restaurants, every day.

We set up lunch buffets and serve a diverse selection of restaurants, with options rotating daily. Our smart cafes also collect data on preferences so we can bring back popular options and curate our menu to your specific office.

Automated technology such as self-checkout kiosks and camera monitoring allow us to operate the cafe with minimal staff involvement. This allows us to serve meals at an affordable price point and service lower foot traffic buildings that can't sustain a legacy cafeteria.

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Get the cafeteria of the future now.

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Food from trusted restaurants, national and local.

We've built up a wide selection of reliable and trusted brands, including big name chains and local mom-and-pop establishments allowing us to cater to every cuisine preference.


bbq grill


Slow-cooked barbeque ribs, brisket, and more.



Fresh Subs

Freshly assembled sub sandwiches




Premium restaurant pizza



East Asian

Chinese, Thai, and more



Health Food

Macro-friendly bowls and salads




Top quality beef and chicken burgers

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